Video production & Editing Services

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We work on the general principle that you want the problem to go away and come back solved

To that end, we provide any combination of services or run a project one step at a time depending on your in-house resource or existing supplier base. Getting us involved at the earliest stage of development helps ensure the most effective end result

For Marketeers

We support brand teams by understanding their language and accepting that deadlines are tight. So we get to the point then get on with the task at hand. We'll work with whatever materials you throw at us - don't worry, it will get sorted out and we won't bother you too much along the way

For Agencies

Account managers - rest easy. We look after things so that you won't be interrupting your creative department too much. You'll just have what's right to present to Client. Creatives can also sit back, knowing that their ideas are being nurtured into life ready for the big pitch

  • The Brief
    A comprehensive brief

    We'll get to know the characteristics of the Brand, Product or Service, the audience you are pitching it to and the key points you want them to understand. This will lead to an outline scenario from which we agree the creative idea and a structure to meet the main objectives

  • Creative Development
    Creative development

    We provide a cross-cultural creative service to develop a detailed scenario or PowerPoint presentation. We frequently work hand-in-hand with agency writers and art directors. At this point we will start to gather raw material: Existing films, artworks and, where necessary, internet searches

  • Graphics
    Artwork for motion graphics

    If graphics are the bulk of your presentation, as you might expect from a PowerPoint show or part of a more complex motion-graphic video production, we'll design, retouch and format as needed. We can also provide for 3D animation

  • Video Filming & Photography
    The production process

    We shoot HD Digital and our Video Production Service is well resourced to handle most projects in-house with ready access to larger studio facilities
    These can range from short interviews with the Boss, to full productions involving cast, crew, studios and locations. We use the right people to make your script a reality and have access to established Directors, Lighting Cameramen, Photographers as well as the constant stream of young fresh talent coming onto the scene

  • Post Production
    Post production editing and SFX

    Our Video Editing Service is comprehensive. We'll take care of editing, transcoding the mixed bag of existing material, SFX, voiceover talent & recording, sound design, DVD production - everything needed to get your production to its finished stage and technically ready for presentation, whether its from a laptop, the big screen or the internet