Presentation Productions has helped a number of clients, brands and individuals including: Citibank, Heineken, L'Oreal, KFC, Coca-Cola, Oriflame, Fruitella, Gillette, Braun, P&G, ITE Group, TUI, BAT, McCann, LoweAdventa, TMA-Draft, Havas Worldwide Moscow and Ogilvy, working together with Management and Creative teams at all levels

Vimeo VideoThe beauty and quality of life in West Wales

Fred Rees & Son

Brief: Show the quality of life to be found in West Wales and attract potential buyers to the Fred Rees & Son estate agency business

Vimeo VideoFanta Citrus Sales Force launch

Fanta Citrus

Brief: Bring the forthcoming Fanta Citrus launch campaign to life to inform, motivate and excite the sale force

Vimeo VideoRussian charity organisation

Big Brothers & Big Sisters

Brief: Present the marketing promotion of Big Brothers and Big Sisters - a charitable organisation in Russia seeking mentors for Russian Orphans

Vimeo VideoThe Nestle innovation centre at Paveletskaya Moscow


Brief: Showcase the new Customer and Consumer Innovation Centre demonstrating Nestle Russia's innovative business approach

Vimeo VideoPromoting a new business startup

Be Smart Range

Brief: Develop and produce an online commercial to introduce a new holiday accessory for a start-up company with a limited budget

Vimeo VideoAudi Pitch Ideas Russia

Audi Concept

Brief: Create a mood film for a pitch to support the idea of Audi as a forward thinking, futuristic brand

Vimeo Videosalesforce motivation


Brief: Top Managers are to be 'delivered' to the Marketing Conference stage by police car. Create the story leading up to that point

Vimeo VideoMosBuild is the largest annual construction and interior exhibition in Russia and Europe

ITE Exhibitions

Brief: Film the annual MosBuild exhibition in Moscow, Russia and create a mood film to attract potential exhibitors to next year's show

Vimeo VideoVolkswagen Polo Pitch Concept

Volkswagen TVC Demo

Brief: Mock up a demo TV commercial from the storyboard to present a new campaign idea for the Volkswagen Polo

Vimeo VideoWhat is Chuck

Coke's 'Chuck' Party

Brief: We've got BIG FUN happening! Invite our people to the party to celebrate our success and be Chuck for the night

Vimeo VideoPromotional campaign summary for Fruitella


Brief: We've got bragging rights in Russia with the success of our Disney/Pixar promo campaign. Show off the team's achievements to top management

Vimeo Videoshooting on a GoPro Hero4

Snowboarding in Montalbert

Brief: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Remind everyone what fun we had on the annual snowboarding trip