We make presentations look good,
so that you look great

Presentation Productions helps budget conscious professionals with limited time or resource to develop video content for their marketing presentations

We’ll plan, write and produce A/V material for marketing conferences, websites, your intranet and one-on-one presentations

In short, if you have something to say and someone to say it to, we can help you make your point better and cost effectively

Digital productions. Marketing conference films and presentations. Campaign pitches. Corporate video. Training films. PowerPoint shows. PR material. HR communication. Documentaries. Exhibition AV and display. Brand and Corporate news. Mood films. Sales tools. Event coverage. English & Russian voice talent & recording

Daily news reports from exhibitions
Language is no barrier

Presentation Productions covers both the UK and Russia. And creative marketing is our language

We work with agencies and multi-nationals alike, helping people to develop presentations which sell brands & services and promote business.

So whichever side of the communications fence you sit, we listen to and understand your needs - then act

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Press and public relations presentations
Filling the gap

You do, of course, have priorities

Like getting the mainstream campaigns put to bed, but who looks after all the other potential communication involved?

Like motivating or informing everyone involved with sales & distribution, documenting progress or even spreading news of success?

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Video of conferences and exhibitions
There when you need us

The planning, creation and production of insightful video presentations can be a time consuming challenge

However, the actual need for for this kind of material is often a last minute decision

That's usually when we get the call - but don't worry, we're used to it. Ready and waiting

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The team are great professionals. I hired them dozens of times for corporate video production and they always did their best to produce what we needed and always on time. They always ask the right questions and provide a good choice of feasible technical and creative solutions so that one can achieve his objectives. They understand and appreciate clients' specific requirements including all sorts of budget limitations, style and timingDenis Denisov
Senior PR Communications Director at Citi in CIS region

The PP team are highly professional, delivering quality results with a minimum of fuss and management. They are fantastic at injecting creative ideas and suggestions into every project, whilst working collaboratively with large, and often diverse, client stakeholdersStuart Ledden
Head of Digital at ITE Exhibitions

PP are the kind of chaps you end up placing all your faith in, often at the eleventh hour, to come up with something that will shine....and they deliver every time!Mark Huntley
Worldwide Network Director - BAT at Ogilvy Action

PP provided outstanding presentation materials in amazingly short time periods whilst I was at G2 Moscow. Always willing to go the extra mile and to work whatever hours are required to deliver great work, They also add great valuePhil Romans
General Manager at DDB